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Learn what past winners of Mister Singapore Competition did to win

Bruno Kettels SThe title of Mister Singapore is a prestigious one among many Singaporeans. While the vast majority of fans are simply fans of bodybuilding in general, since it’s inception several years ago, its popularity has spread. Because of that, it’s not just Singaporean bodybuilders and athletes who watch the competition. But what do past winners of Mister Singapore think of the competition and how it’s evolving?

By many accounts, the majority of Mister Singapore winners have loved the glamor and glory of the entire thing. It’s gotten to the point where many runners up, and even winners, are coming back every year due to the fame and fortune that the title of Mister Singapore can bring. Even Sasi Zura can’t help himself; after taking a quick break from the competition, in 2017 he returned to win the title for a record breaking fourth time.

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s just one title on offer in the competition, as Mister Singapore 2016 Danie Dharma can attest. After narrowly losing to Mr. Zura in the 2016 competition, he did manage to win the title of Mister Singapore (Classic) in that competition. But how does the competition keep bringing back the superstars of Singapore’s bodybuilding scene? As we mentioned, it’s partly due to the fame and the glory, but much of it is down to how widely accepted the competition is becoming across the country, as well as in many others.

Take the Mister Singapore (Classic) title, for example; it’s one of the few titles that has been made in recent years that was created in order to highlight different bodybuilders. There’s also a few other titles involved in the overall Mister Singapore competition; many of these were created in order to make the competition seem more inclusive, as well as to bring more eyeballs and excitement to the overall competition.

After all, as exciting as crowning a winner of the overall competition is, it can begin to get stale after a number of years. The addition of different titles throughout the competition means that more diverse bodybuilders can apply for the competition. This also helps to attract a wider audience; the more attention that the competition gets, then the more prestigious the competition is.

But what exactly do past Mister Singapore winners and runner ups have to say about this branching out? Many see this evolution as a positive thing. While many of the titles on offer aren’t as prestigious as Mister or Missus Singapore, they do still offer a level of glory above many other similar competitions. It also offers competitors more chances of coming away with a title, or they can even focus on one of the smaller titles, if they feel they’re not up to the task of Mister Singapore at the moment.

This offers them the perfect training for the competition, so that they can come back in later years and fight for the grand prize; the title of Mister Singapore. This honor is something that’s been vied for across the entire bodybuilding community in Singapore for years, and it looks like there’s no stopping it anytime soon. After all, past winners of the Mister Singapore contest wouldn’t be coming back year after year if they didn’t love the competition.