Speaking of men in beauty contests

We are all suckers for entertainment and when beauty pageants and the Mr and Miss competitions come along we are normally very excited to see them. Most of them are a sight for sore eyes. We look forward to seeing the different outfits and looks, the walks, style and mostly it's the anticipation of the unknown star that keeps us going. It is the awe in our eyes when the first contestant appears around the corner that also keeps the contestants all in check. These reactions are not just reserved for the women who love this spectacle, is it not the men that leave us speechless and you have to admit it is a lot more fun when they strut down the stage bare-chested serving-up their good looks.

male beauty contest LSpeaking of men in beauty contests, Mister Singapore is a major competition where young men from Singapore go on to compete for the title of Mister Singapore. In total there are 20 contestants all from the different 20 estates in Singapore. The contestants are judged mainly from their poise and intellect in terms of how they answer the questions asked of them. The questions are mainly based on how they'll use their crown and newly acquired title to impact the society should they win. This means being confident is a must, given that you'll be judged by public figures, business leaders and philanthropists. If you ask me, I'd recommend doing your research because the rumors are true, philanthropists love details and know their facts, it's certainly a tough crowd.

Like every other competition, there must be winners and losers. The team at Mister Singapore have gone to ensure that elimination is fair. To break it down, once the casting call is out, many ambitious people come out and the judges have the tough job of eliminating just enough people to remain with only 20 from each estate. However, not all 20 make it to the finals because we can only have one Mister Singapore. There are preliminary interviews which include and are not limited to evening wear, swimwear, and fashion wear. These interviews are a chance for the contestants to show their skills to both the live audience and the judges.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be ‘glossy magazine handsome’, I mean that's just an editor's standard, in their own famous words ‘everyone is distinctively handsome’. In short, everyone is welcome to compete, well not quite just the single ones and you need to be actually single, not divorced, not had a marriage annulled, not fathered a child or a parent, just simply single. Also, it's Mister Singapore and in as much as everyone is welcome to participate you need to be a citizen but you are welcome to be in the cheering squad if you are a local to the area. As for your age- you need to be at least 18 and over but no older than 29, so it's a wide age gap that ensures almost everyone is included who meets the qualifications.

After the competition is over, the winner is chosen and applauded. Mister Singapore will go on to represent the country in Mister International that is still in Singapore, but now competing against other crowned winners from other countries. Along with the title comes with a year-long salary, a portfolio and this won't be complete without personal care services, these include hair services, skin care, and body health and fitness. Mister Singapore has been the light at the end of a dark tunnel for many and has created opportunities for many who walked through their doors.